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Our Mission:

At Compass Bracelets, our mission is to leave the world a better place. We realize that small things can have a big impact, from the sourcing of our materials to the impact on the lives around the world, the Compass Bracelet community helps inspire and empower everyone that it reaches. Each Compass Bracelet is a reminder to anyone who wears it to follow your heart, take chances, find the good in the world and spread kindness.

What makes our bracelets so awesome?

Your Unique Number

Each bracelet has its own special number engraved on its tag. This number will never be replicated but can be registered multiple times as it’s shared and passed from wrist to wrist.


Cork Leather

In addition to looking super rad, the material our bracelets are made from, Cork Leather, is crazy comfortable, water-resistant, anti-microbial, incredibly durable, and also plant and animal friendly. We know it sounds too good to be true but honestly it’s even cooler than we described, we just couldn’t fit it all in here!


Handmade Quality

Each bracelet is carefully handcrafted in our studio with quality, comfort and durability in mind. They are built to be worn on a daily basis and stand up to everyday adventures.


Ready to change the world?

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How it works

Compass Bracelet Packaging



Enter your bracelet number, your name, geographic location, and then you can either start or continue the story and journey of your bracelet, whatever that may be.

Wear it


Your bracelet is meant to be worn each day until you're ready to share it. Let it be a daily reminder to follow your heart, take chances, find the good in the world and spread love.

Share Compass Bracelets
Compass Bracelet gives back

Share it


Maybe you meet someone traveling or can have the chance to brighten someone’s day, maybe a friend is moving or leaving for a trip. There are so many reasons your bracelet can be passed along, you will know when the time is right!

Track It And
Others Stories


Find out where your bracelet has traveled. Read stories and see the positive impacts it’s had on others lives. Check out photos from the adventures your bracelet has embarked on. This where you can watch the ripple effect make a difference in the world around you.

Track your compass bracelet


Stay in the know

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