Need A Repair?

Need a repair - We take great pride in the quality of every Compass Bracelet and we make them to last. That being said we understand that things happen and we want to make sure your bracelet can continue on its journey, so we offer a lifetime guarantee on our products. To have your bracelet repaired please read and follow these instructions:

  1. Print and fill out the Repairs Form here.
  2. Mail your bracelet to us and we will take care of the repairs and return shipping.
  3. Your bracelet will be returned to you as quickly as possible so that it can embark on its next adventure.

We do our best to ensure that each Compass Bracelet is tested for quality and durability but we realize that we're not perfect. We also understand that your bracelet is being worn on a daily basis and sometimes life's adventures may get a little wild. If your bracelets does happen to get injured, here's what to do…

The tag or another piece on my bracelet came off but I still have all the peices.

  • No worries, Compass Bracelet repairs are free as long as you still have your unique number tag. The only thing we ask is that you ship it to us, we will take care of the return shipping and repairs.
  • Mail your bracelet back to us along with this form and we will get your bracelet back on your wrist asap and out on another adventure asap!

I’ve lost my tag with my unique number on it.

  • follow the same instructions above and we will issue you a new number and link it to your old bracelet number so that your bracelets history is not lost and it can continue spreading love and kindness around the world.

I lost my entire bracelet.

  • In this case: We are so sorry that your Compass Bracelet has been lost, but don’t give up hope! Maybe someone will find it and register it:) In the meantime we would like to give you a 20% discount. Please send us an email with your bracelet number and contact info and we will email you a coupon code.





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