Mountain Life

I found this bracelet in my favorite gift shop in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I’m giving it to my sister Bonnie, who lives in the mountains.  Can’t wait to see where all it goes!

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On to Colorado

I found it at a gift shop in West Palm Beach, Florida and am sharing with my sister Mary. 🙂 Can’t wait to see where all it goes!

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The beginning journey

I am part owner of a gift/furniture store.  I was approached by who I believe is the father of the girl who started this business.  I was impressed with the presentation and the work that this bracelet represents.  I’m very interested in following it’s journey, and intend on buying and passing on several more!

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Spread Kindess

The kindest person I know in the world gave me this bracelet as a holiday gift. She knows I travel a lot and knew I would enjoy the bracelet as well as the process of traveling with it and giving it away.

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A gift from North Carolina

My dad went on business trip to North Carolina and bought me this Compass. I think spreading kindness is important because  I like to see the other people smile. It inspires me because whenever I look at the phone, it shows me where I am.

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Follow your heart.♡

My mother brought me this bracelet a few months ago when she traveled to Sanibel, Florida to experience the abundance of seashells that wash up on shore. My mother loves to travel, (as do I) and I love to spread kindness everywhere I go. So this was a perfect gift to bring to me from…

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