Blessings of adoption

Kindness is the best “pay it forward”. Treating with kindness is not easy – the rewards are worth the effort. Other than marrying my best friend, our adoption of two boys is my greatest blessing.

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The start in Cocoa, Florida

I was at the Orlando surf expo where I came across the stand for Compass bracelets, very unique, fun and wanted to join in and share. My journey starts in Cocoa Florida and hope this bracelet makes its way around the world over time

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Honhon Oui Oui Baguette

It was a sunny evening on the last day of summer. As the last streaks of morning faded into the hues of dusk, the car slowed to a stop. “My mom got you a bracelet.” Said my old au pair, Chloe. Her mom swung the car door open and, gracefully, like a swan gliding across…

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Come Back Story

I had to give up my flight career on 9/11/ 2001 when I went on maternity leave. My son was born prematurely but he’s big and strong now! I stayed home and raised he and his little sister, then started a career as a Special Ed teacher. Through the years I kept my license current…

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New Beginnings

I bought this bracelets in Salt Lake City, Utah on my first day out of rehab. I have a clear mind, a pure heart and all intentions to rebuild a healthy and fulfilling life for myself.

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The Beginning

Received the bracelet from a very great rep from Compass! Love the look and the idea behind it. I hope to pass it along in the near future while spreading kindness and understanding!

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Gifted by my mom

This was a gift from my mother after her vacation in North Carolina. It is a great idea.  I love the necklace reminds me to be kind

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Happily Travel After

Starting a new journey of discovery and found this cool way to track my experiences. And bonus…I can pass it on and share with other people. Win-win.

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