Frequently Asked Questions

  • My bracelet broke!
    • No worries, it happens and we are more than happy to repair it so that you can get back out there and spread love and kindness. Please click here for repairs instructions. 
  • When should I pass my bracelet along? There are so many opportunities to pass your bracelet along some of our favorite ideas are:
    • When a friend or a stranger needs their day brightened.
    • If you see someone doing a good deed or something nice for someone else or for you.
    • Someone you know is about to go on a new adventure, maybe a trip, a move, going off to college.
    • It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, birthdays, graduation, holidays, wedding party, bachlor/bachlorette, or jsut for being an awesome person!
    • Give it to someone that you think makes the world a better place as a thank you.
  • I have a very small/large wrist, will the bracelets fit me?
    • We have done our best to make Compass Bracelets adjustable to most sizes (up to 8.5”). While a smaller hole can easily be punched in the bracelet at home we don’t have a way to make them bigger but we are working on different styles to accommodate larger sizes. Please keep checking our site for new styles and products!
  • What does my Compass Bracelet Tag Number mean?
    • It’s a random number that takes on meaning and identity when you register it. This number then becomes your unique number that no one else in the world will have except for the people it's passed along to. You are all connected by this number and you can use it to track your bracelet as it spreads love and kindness around the world
  • How do I track my bracelet?
    • We have an entire page dedicated to following your bracelets adventures.  You can search for your bracelet using your unique number or name, check it out here.
  • I forgot my Compass Bracelet number and I already passed my bracelet, how can I find it?
    • It’s totally cool, we had a feeling that would happen so we included the ability to search by your name as well!
  • What is my Compass Bracelet made of?
    • The awesome material you're wondering about is Cork Leather! It’s made from the bark of the cork tree, its eco-friendly and cruelty free. Find out about the other amazing qualities that made us choose cork here.
  • Can I get a custom tag number?
    • We know you may have favorite numbers, dates, etc, but there are only so many numbers and since they are meant to be passed we don’t want you to get too attached;) So while you can’t choose a specific number, you can request that the bracelets you buy be sent in sequential order.
  • I want to order a large quantity of bracelets, can I get a discount?
    • We offer gift packs bracelets on our website that offer lower pricing. If you would like a quantity larger than 30 bracelets, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss bulk discounts.
  • Do you partner with other companies?
    • We love collaborating with other companies and organizations, please send us an email or give us a ring!
  • Can we sell bracelets at our store?
    • Yes, of course. Please send us an email or call us to find out what wholesale opportunities are available in your area.
  • Does Compass Bracelet Donate or Sponsor for causes?
    • In addition to giving 50% of our profits to the Dave Thomas Foundation to help children find forever homes, we also set aside a budget for additional opportunities. Please send us an email, we would love to help.
  • How do I become a Compass Bracelet Ambassador, spreading love and kindness?
    • If you believe in our mission to make the world a better place by spreading love, kindness and Compass Bracelets around the world then we would love to work with you. Please send us an email and we will set up a time to chat.



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